LAND ONLY PRICE: 750 euro per adult and  650 euro per children (with two paying parents)

The price includes: full board, accommodation in double or triple rooms, all the transport and entrees fees according to the program, all activities with equipment and local guides, tab water, local leader.


Upon arrival at Sofia airport you’ll be met by your Group Leader and make the 2-3 hour drive to the Rhodope Mountains and your first base near to the Beglik Dam. Located near to the central parts of the Rhodope Mountains, the dam is surrounded by forested slopes, which provide a home for bears, deers and foxes, among other wildlife!  It’s a scenic place to do your challenge activities and the perfect natural environment to try lots of different adventures!

Tonight your leader will brief you on the week ahead and you’ll prepare your daypack ready for your first day’s activity. 

Hotel - 1 night (D)



Over the next two days you will take part in an action-packed ‘challenge’ event. First you will be split into two teams of seven to eight people, and then set-off on your expedition!


Starting out from your hotel, you will first navigate through the forests and mountains with a map and compass to guide you. Hopefully, this will lead you to your kayaks, which will be waiting for you, so you can take to the water and complete the next stage of your expedition. The kayaking has an added twist, because you will be tasked with finding your lunch en-route – picking up food as you navigate, having fun on the water and enjoying some of the fantastic scenery that surrounds you.  Back on dry land, you will walk to your camp for the first night – if you can find the second piece of the map to help you get there! The day will end in a wild camp, in the midst of this wonderful landscape, where your guides will teach you how to get the fire going for dinner, set-up camp, prepare food and many other survival challenges.


The next day you set off from your camp on boat, after having found the map, to take you to your hotel. Along the way, you will go via many different obstacles with rope activities to help you make progress with more speed! The ropes are tied between the trees and, with the help of safety equipment; you will zip across on a rope between the two posts. Great fun!


The rest of the day is free.

OPTION: WILDLIFE OBSERVATION. This evening there is an optional excursion to an animal hide to try to spot the bears, deers, foxes and other wildlife we mentioned earlier. You will be transferred by 4wd vehicle to shelters in the area, in small groups so as not to disturb the animals, from where you can sit, watch and, hopefully observe, many different animals.

OPTION: BIKING (6 bikes available)

Camp – 1 night, Hotel – 1 night (Bx2, Lx2, Dx2)


Your hotel in Beglik has a restaurant and rooms are en-suite. The tents are for either two or three persons and you will need to bring a sleeping bag. Mattresses are provided. Your toilet will be a hole in the ground!


NB the exact order and nature of the activities listed above may change.  All activities on this trip are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to suit the capabilities of the group. Where required, instruction is provided by experienced guides and always operated in a safety-conscious manner. If local constraints or operational considerations i.e. the weather, which can be unpredictable in the mountains, dictate, we may (only if it is necessary) swap the activities or order of them so we can provide the best possible itinerary on your holiday.



Transfer to the Yagodina cave.

It is on 5 levels and is 10 km long. The uppermost level was inhabited by the people from the Neolithic Age – their dwellings are situated 10 min from the artificial entrance. The cave was also inhabited in the Stone, the Bronze and the Iron ages.

The tourist route starts from an artificially dug entrance (the natural entrance is 30 meters above it) and goes only through the corridors and galleries on the lowest level of the cave. For adventure-seekers there is a possibility to explore the labyrinth of corridors on the other levels as well.

Short transfer to the village of Yagodina.

Walk around 2.30 h to the Bulgarian biggest canyon – Trigrad gorge.

It stands 1450 m above sea level, its total length is 7 km and the most interesting part is 2-3 km. The vertical rocks, forming the gorge, rise on the two riversides.  The vertical rocks reach 250 m of height.


Visit of the Devils Throat cave.

The name of the cave has derived from the devil head shaped entrance. There is a river crossing underground the cave, with 60m high waterfall, forming a huge hall called the Thunder hall. It is 110 m long, 40m wide and 35m high. There is an artificial gallery through which one can access the base of the water current and from there is 301 stairs with access to the outside in the open.There, the nature demonstrated its magnificence. From 380 m from the cave's entrance, the running river deposits in a siphon gallery. The length of the siphon is more than 150 m the River undergo into another gallery of about 60 m, after which it rushes outside the cave.

Transfer to the town of Devin (0.40h). Accommodation in 3* hotel with swimming pool.



Via ferrata and caving – Haramiiska cave

Today, we transfer back to Trigrad area for more adventures.

We start with the ease challenge – to pass on the short “via ferrata”.

After that a visit in the non equipped “Haramiiska” cave, located near to The Devil’s Throat cave. The cave is not provided with all utilities, but it is used as cave tourism, because of the archeological findings in it. You can reach to the “Haramiiska” cave only with special equipment, witch will be provided. The lovers of the extreme sports can reach to the foot of the cave, but only under the leadership of the qualified guides and cave instructors. After long and steep climbing one can reach to cave’s entrance where were found traces from human presence. After the shoving through the cave labyrinth, there is a 43 meters letting down to the center of the underground cavern, 180 meters long. The whole tour is 4 – 5 hours.

After the long day, transfer back to Devin. Accommodation in the same hotel as day 4.


Horse riding – a full day horse riding including pick-nick. Equipment will be provided!

The activities for day 5 and 6 can be done by separating the group in two, depending on the group size. Same accommodation.


Transfer to Sofia 3h. On the way lunch break. Visit of the Bulgarian capital. Accommodation in hotel in the suburb area of the town.


Upon on the group flight, free time, transfer to the Airport. Departure.







The two days of climbing and caving are organized near the villages of Trigrad and Yagodina – on the picturesque rocks and in the caves of the Trigrad Gorge. We work with the local climbing and caving club and therefore – with the best local guides and mountaineers. 

Caving activities during the first day include visiting the Devil’s Throat cave and the Yagodina cave.

The Devil’s Throat cave is famous with having the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans (42 m.). Plenty of legends reveals the mysterious beauty of the cave; some people even believe that this is the place where the famous ancient singer Orpheus went into the underworld in search of the woman he loved.

The Yagodina cave, on the other side is quite different - not as wide as The Devil’s Throat, but longer and amazingly picturesque. It has huge variety of stalagmites and stalactites as well as stone forms in different colors, some resembling animals, other people. The children will also see remains of neolith cave dwellings and will learn about the cave environment and the processes that form the caves.

On the second day the children will do a Via Ferrata climb. They will obtain basic skills in using climbing equipment and techniques (and will have a lot of fun as well).

As part of the caving activities the children will visit the Haramiiska cave where they, accompanied by experience guides, will use ropes and climbing equipment in order to descend from the ceiling of the spectacular cave’s hall.

During the days of caving the children will be able to see the home of the largest colony of long-wing cave bats.



The day of horse riding is organized near the villages of Trigrad or Gela, located in the heart of the mythical Rhodopes mountain - the enchanting world of Orpheus, where you will discover the harsh and majestic beauty of nature accompanied by our ancestors' sacred animals – horses.

During the ride the children are accompanied by experienced local English-speaking guides. Riders will be held a safety briefing before the ride. Full safety gear (helmets etc.) is provided.

The children will be grouped by ability so that everyone is happy and comfortable with the riding activities



Hiking is organized between the two cave visits on the first day of caving – from the Yagodina cave to The Devil’s Throat. As the children follow the trail they will have the opportunity to walk in an area of age old forests and mountain meadows. Once a forbidden zone near the Bulgarian/Greek border, nowadays this region is perfectly safe, but the nature and the wildlife are still in amazingly preserved state.




The second and the third day of the program combine several challenging activities in order to make the perfect adventurous trip. In the morning of the first day the instructors will hold a briefing, explaining the ways and methods of navigating and orientating with a map and a compass. Than the children will receive a navigation assignment and, using their maps, compasses and new skills will find their way to the kayaks. After being hold a safety briefing and receiving kayaking equipment, the children will begin an adventurous trip. They will have a lot of fun learning how to raw, completing tasks like finding their lunch provisions en- route and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. The complete safety of this adventure is ensured by the local instructors who will accompany the children and will assist them when necessary.


After finishing their kayaking trip the children will continue with the orientation assignment which will lead them to the camp. There the guides will teach them how to get the fire going for dinner, set-up camp, prepare food and many other survival challenges.


On the next day the children will set off for the hotel on boats, but before they reach it they will complete tasks involving rope activities – the ropes are tied between trees and the children will make their way from one post to another.