A country with rich history, inhabited from the deep antiquity, Bulgaria is a crossroad for different cultures and nations.

The ancient Thracians who lived in these lands left enormous, but not well-known heritage. The Roman colonization, as well as the Celtics formed unique mosaic of historical events. In 7th century the so called proto-Bulgarians founded a union with the local Slavonic tribes, thus establishing the Bulgarian state. 

In the years of blossom Bulgaria was "a country of three seas" - Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Adriatic Sea. In 14th century after the Ottoman invasion Bulgaria fell for five centuries under the Ottoman bondage. 

The origins of the contemporary Bulgarian State were set in 18th and the beginning of 19th century, during the times of the Bulgarian Renaissance.

Important dates

681 - creation of the first Bulgarian state 
1018-1186 part of the Byzantine empire 
1185-1396 Second Bulgarian State 
1396-1878 Ottoman slavery - part of the Ottoman empire 
1878 - Liberation from the Ottoman yolk 
1944 - After the Second World War the communists take the political control 
1990 - First democratic elections in Bulgaria after the communist regime. 
2007 - Bulgaria joins the European Union